Iso 9001The durability and reliability of our products and services is the result of quality management Realized by SRC along its history.

Thanks to our programs continuous control in process , advanced engineering and our compliance with the good practices professionals in our facilities, all sensor and system production operations are reviewed with a quality assurance system, certified for standards ISO 9001:2015. In addition, they are continually subject to reviews by internal quality auditors and external approval agencies.

For us, adjusting to the customer requirements and the international standards They are mandatory, so we comply with all regulations in the production of our temperature sensors and electronic equipment.

In SRC We are very proud of our staff, always motivated and highly trained, specialized and experienced. 

Our dedication and deep knowledge of our clients' work processes allow us to offer high quality products and specialized solutions. These solutions are flexible and tailored to be ready to provide high performance, even in the most adverse conditions.