Power systems

SRC is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial process regulation and control equipment, among which are our power control systems. We are specialized in temperature control, which is why we have among our manufactured and represented equipment different equipment with excellent features that are suitable for any industrial control process.

Every industrial system requires process regulation and control equipment, so it is important to have the appropriate means to carry it out successfully.

At SRC you can purchase different power systems for any type of industrial process, such as: industrial heating resistors, power controls for resistive and inductive loads, SSR solid state relays and inverters.

Main applications of power systems

Within the types of power systems that you can find at SRC, each of them will be adjusted to your needs depending on the specific functions that you require in your industrial activity.

In this way, you can find in our catalog the following models of power systems:

Power controls for resistive and inductive loads.

Proportional power regulation equipment that carries out an exhaustive load control, achieving a precise temperature stabilization, which allows extending the durability of the resistors and working with less power than other equipment. They stand out for their reliability, durability and precision, with excellent results.

SSR Solid State Relays

Solid state relays for equipment that require high cycle rates, low acoustic or electrical noise or resistance to vibration as  material handling equipment, medical equipment, heating/cooling equipment, lighting control and pumps

Industrial heating resistances

They are applied in industrial processes in which solid, liquid or gas heating is required. They present a large number of variants that adapt to any system for heating all types of products by immersion, contact or infrared.

Benefits of purchasing power systems

Power systems are especially interesting for those who need to control the temperature of different industrial processes due to the advantages that we indicate below:

-Durability and reliability. We apply the most advanced engineering to manufacture our power systems. In this way, we can ensure an elaboration according to your industrial processes, whatever they may be.

-Warranty. All our products go through continuous quality control programs, backed by certification ISO 9001:2015.

-Professionalism in the service. We can boast of having a team of motivated, highly qualified and experienced workers, who put all their knowledge and dedication into offering products of the highest quality, as well as specialized solutions.

If you have any questions or queries, Contact us. We will be happy to assist you and advise you on the most suitable power systems for your industrial activity, as well as any other question regarding temperature control systems and industrial processes.