temperature sensors

The choice of the temperature sensor adequate is of vital importance for thermal regulation in industry. For this reason, at SRC we produce different types of temperature sensors that adapt to all types of needs.

SRC, your supplier of industrial temperature sensors.

SRC can manufacture the temperature sensor that best suits your company's needs. In addition, you will have personalized advice from a team of highly trained and qualified professionals.

We manufacture all types of RTD sensors (pt100, pt1000, NI120, etc.), thermocouples, pyrometric rods and infrared temperature sensors. All our products and services are characterized by their durability and reliability. In this way we can guarantee the supply of high quality and precision sensors.

Types of temperature sensors: choose the best one for your company 

RTD sensors PT100, PT1000, NTC, PTC, NI120.

This type of sensor is the most used for temperature measurement in general. The most standard are the PT100 but it is possible to manufacture them with all types of sensors such as PTC, NTC, PT100, PT1000, NI120, according to the specifications necessary for each process


SRC manufactures these thermocouples with different variants adjusted to the specifications of our clients, among which we include jacketed thermocouples and thermocouples for the plastic industry with a range from -50 to 1200ºC.

pyrometric rods

Custom-made pyrometric rods with a range from -50 to 2200ºC with a protective sheath in stainless steel, refractory or with ceramic sleeves in various diameters and lengths. For applications such as furnaces and blast furnaces, burners, galvanizing baths, heat treatment baths and in general high temperature thermal applications.

Pyrometric rods for non-ferrous foundries

SRC manufactures pyrometric rods for temperature measurement in non-ferrous foundries. For immersion, the thermocouple It must be protected with an appropriate cover for these processes and SRC has different models to cover all your needs. .

Infrared temperature sensors

The infrared temperature sensor is very useful for high-performance measurements on moving or inaccessible materials and objects. At SRC we have the best variants and everything you need to understand how they work clearly, quickly and easily.

Accessories for temperature sensors

SRC has all types of accessories for the assembly, wiring and connection of our wide range of temperature sensors. With these products you can adapt any equipment to all your control processes. 

Analog signal converters

Standard analog temperature converters with temperature signal input (PT100, thermocouples, OHM, Volts) and analog output for head or DIN rail mounting. Different models with and without galvanic isolation.

How do we guarantee quality?

Thanks to the latest technology that we use in all processes. And not only that, since we apply continuous control programs to all our tasks, which are subject to the quality standards set by the ISO 9001:2015 standard, in which we are certified.

The most important thing when offering our products is to satisfy the requirements of our clients complying with their instructions and with the international standards. For this we have a specialized and highly qualified staff, who has years of experience in the sector. All this allows us to offer you high quality products.

In addition, you will have at all times a flexible and fully personalized attention, with products that are made according to your needs.

Wait no more and get now the best thermal regulation service. Contact us and find out which temperature sensor best suits your process. We will be happy to assist you and provide you with the best service at all times.