What is a PT100 sensor?

Characteristics of PT100 sensors The PT100 is a temperature sensor that at 0 °C has 100 ohms and as the temperature increases its electrical resistance increases. This PT100 sensor is the temperature sensitive heart of any resistance thermometer. Apart from the way of assembly, it is their characteristics that basically

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What is a pressure transducer?

What is a pressure transducer? Pressure measurement is an important element in hydraulic/pneumatic applications in control processes in all types of applications (industry, agriculture, etc.) to guarantee safe operation and optimal performance. Apart from numerous factors such as accuracy, selection of the appropriate pressure range

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Are temperature regulators a way to control energy savings?

Keeping your equipment up-to-date (temperature regulators, power control systems and sensors) allows for proper process control and this leads to savings, both in production times and in energy savings. SRC has detected in technical inspections of its clients large temperature deviations due to poor maintenance of these

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Power control.

Do we save energy with proportional power control?

When we assemble a Proportional Power Control unit, energy savings are considerable since by working the voltage as a function of the analog signal (4–20 mA, 0-5/10Vdc) only the necessary power transmission is produced according to to the demand of the process. With these control systems we avoid spikes

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What is a thermowell and what characteristics does it have?

When temperature measurement and control instruments are used, they are not installed directly in the industrial process. The sensors are installed in Thermowells for temperature sensors, which isolates them from the stresses of the process. Flow, high pressures and corrosive chemical effects can damage our probes, so they are protected

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What is a PLC? How does it work? What is it for?

Do you want to know what a PLC is? You have come to the right blog, because here we will explain everything you need to know to understand what a programmable logic controller (PLC) is. A PLC is a “brain” that activates machinery components to carry out activities that are potentially dangerous for people, very slow or imperfect. It is important

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temperature probe

Temperature probe. What is it?

The widespread use of the temperature probe for the thermal regulation of different industrial processes has made this instrument an indispensable element for a large number of industries. However, it is easy to find doubts and confusion around the concept of a temperature probe and its most common uses. Therefore, in the

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Types of Temperature Sensors

Possibly you are right now collecting information about temperature sensors for your machinery. You may know what their function is, but you are not yet clear about what types of temperature sensors exist. Knowing the types of temperature sensors will help you to know which is the most appropriate when installing

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Pyrometric Gray Hair

Thermocouples: The Science of Thermometry

What is thermocouple? Thermocouples consist of two metallic wires of different materials, joined at one end. This junction constitutes the measurement point (hot junction). The other end is called a cold junction. The heating of the measuring junction causes an electrical voltage, approximately proportional to the temperature. (Effect

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How is a good measurement made with thermocouples?

       The use of these temperature sensors is valued depending on the use and the temperature field. The thermocouple is an extremely simple and reliable sensor that is made up of two metallic materials of different nature joined by two joints called “cold junction” and “hot junction”. The degree of temperature that

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