SRC: Solutions for Industrial Control

44 years leading the industrial process control and automation components sector

temperature specialists

SRC is a manufacturer of temperature sensors RTD PT100, NI120, NTC, PTC thermocouples and pyrometric rods, temperature regulators, proportional power control equipment and control modules. This allows us to provide you with a quick response since we can produce these products tailored to your needs.
SRC builds its sensors to be able to offer them the best product at very competitive prices thanks to the excellent training of our team and our latest generation machinery.

We supply regulation equipment to control all types of processes (controllers, PLC, HMI, industrial PC, etc) and we have a wide range of products in Stock to be able to serve you as soon as possible.

Founded in the year 1979

44 years of experience, extensive knowledge of our products and their needs, constant innovation and efficient service have made SRC a company leader in the industrial process control sector and components for automation such as temperature sensors and regulation equipment for temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.

Our main objective is your satisfaction and to achieve this we offer you products and services with which you can solve all your problems. measurement requirements, regulation and control of industrial parameters.

Your processes under control

In SRC We are specialized in the design, integration and manufacturing of sensors and equipment to carry out the complete regulation and control loop.

In addition to a wide range of products in catalog, we offer a custom manufacturing service for special requirements, ensuring an exceptional product guarantee, competitive prices as well as attentive after-sales service.

Calibration systems

SRC has a complete laboratory with specialized technical personnel for the calibration of all types of temperature sensors, thermostats, thermometers, indicators, temperature regulators and devices with analog inputs (4-20 mA, 0-10Vdc,...) for temperature control. industrial or laboratory process, using certified and traceable standard instruments and sensors.

Our technical team will be able to advise you at any time regarding your needs.