Electronic instrumentation

The use of appropriate equipment for regulate the temperature, as well as to control it, provides the necessary data for correct regulation in all industrial activities that require it. These regulation equipment And control They carry out the task of reading entries, recording data, controlling them...etc.

We are manufacturers and distributors of electronic instrumentation and process control equipment for the regulation and control of high-quality industrial systems with precision, reliability and durability, adapting to any industrial activity that needs to be carried out.

The main equipment that you can find and acquire at SRC for industrial process control are Temperature and Process Regulators, Paperless Process Recorders and Indicators and PLC & HMI

Characteristics of the SRC process control equipment.

Within our wide range of equipment, the different types will provide you with different executable functions for your systems. regulation and control of temperature and industrial processes.

Thus, within the products available at SRC, you will find the following instruments to regulate and control the temperature:

Temperature and Process Regulators

These regulators perform process control through a signal input (temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.) and have adjustable outputs via relay, SSR or analog to command equipment such as solid state relays, contactors and proportional power control equipment.

Recorders and Indicators of Paperless Processes.

They are advanced and easy-to-use data recording instruments. They are very versatile and adapt to even the most demanding conditions.


They are commonly used in all types of machinery that requires process control and visualization. At SRC you can find the latest in PLC's (programmable controllers) and HMI (human machine interface).

Why choose our electronic instrumentation?

If you go to SRC for process control equipment for the regulation and control of industrial systems, you will be able to take advantage of our competitive advantages.

➤ Innovation. The latest technology in our temperature and process regulation instruments provide excellent reliability and great durability. We can ensure the best service whatever your activity or industrial process in industrial process control.

➤ Quality: through certification ISO 9001:2015 We guarantee the quality of each and every one of our control devices, subjecting them to strict controls.

➤ Experience. At SRC you will find a highly trained and qualified staff, with a group of motivated workers who will apply all their knowledge to offer you excellent quality products. Constant dedication allows us to always offer you the best specialized solutions.

At SRC we are specialists in everything related to temperature control. If you have any questions or queries about equipment for temperature control or other industrial processes. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.