Portable thermometers

The portable thermometers They are equipment prepared for measurement and/or data recording, which can be used for a wide variety of applications. Apart from temperature measurement equipment, we can find portable equipment for pressure, motion, gas, temperature and humidity.

Types of portable thermometers

At SRC we have different equipment for temperature measurement such as portable thermometers and infrared thermal imaging cameras that we must take into account since each model has its own characteristics that we must evaluate according to the aspects that we seek to measure.

Next, we develop the two categories of portable indicators with which we work. We invite you to delve into each of them until you discover everything they can do for your industry.

Portable thermometers

The temperature indicators that we use have different characteristics, but they all have a minimum margin of error; which gives them laboratory precision and a fast response.

Infrared thermometers also have a higher range of temperatures and an audible warning when the data exceeds the established limits. Some of our models also allow the hands-free monitoring, to which we must add a manageable size and simple design.

The industrial use of these devices serves to carry out tests, inspections and maintenance in food, automotive, health... This is how the manufacturing and machinery temperature is controlled.

thermal imaging cameras

These devices collect information about the temperature of the target and create a high-fidelity thermal image. They are especially used in electrical installations, building diagnostics and mechanical equipment, to verify that the operation is correct.

We have different models, some mobile and others designed to remain fixed in a structure, thus obtaining continuous measurements of materials monitoring.

The uses of these devices vary from the monitoring of industrial materials, to the surveillance of crowds of people, in order to identify the possible presence of a virus.

In SRC you will be able to find the portable indicators that best suit the industry needs where you do your business.

Portable thermometers

Temperature measurement equipment in a range of -199 to 1800 °C to measure in all types of processes in immersion, ambient or surface thanks to the option of connecting different interchangeable sensors, for example, in kitchens, laboratories, industries.

thermal imaging cameras

Fixed or portable temperature measurement devices using Infrared for applications in different fields such as; Renewable energies, Nuclear energy, Medicine, Airports, Veterinary medicine, Industry or construction.

Quality guarantee

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