process sensors

SRC has a wide range of industrial process sensors to control all types of industrial variables such as temperature, humidity, pressure, level, which you will find available on our website.

Here we indicate the types, formats and utilities that you will find among our products.

What can we measure with our process sensors?

The industrial process sensors They are devices capable of capturing signals from different types of materials, sending them to a device (regulators, PLC, PC) in order to control all types of industrial processes. From the energy of the medium, an output signal is generated depending on the magnitude to be measured.

SRC has process sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, pressure and level as well as equipment for controlling these quantities.

These teams are devices that transform a physical magnitude, whatever it is, into another magnitude (usually electrical). That is, it is the component of the system that takes the value given by the sensor and translates or adapts it according to our needs.

What do they give us?

High precision and accuracy, to avoid the dispersion of the values and reduce the average error.

The sensor is accurate and precise, even though it offers a wide operating range.

Detection of magnitude changes as soon as possible, instantly.

Instrumentation easy to calibrate, without the need to spend a lot of time with simple standardized procedures.

Reliability in repetitive processes, with exhaustive durability and control.

Pressure Transducers and Transmitters

Pressure transducers to control solids, liquids or gases, such as air, water, corrosive fluids, hydraulic oils or plastics in different types of machinery or environments with various types of analog outputs (4-20 mA, 0-10Vdc, etc...) and Adjustable pressure ranges for each process from -1 to 2000 Bar.

Humidity and Temperature Sensors

SRC has a wide variety of humidity and temperature sensors to control all types of processes. Our sensors have been designed to offer the best reliability and precision characteristics in environmental, industrial or laboratory measurement processes.

Level Sensors

Level sensors for measuring liquids, solids, powders or granules inside tanks or other types of containers. The measurement can be carried out using points or with equipment with precision analog outputs using pressure or ultrasound.